Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Work by Nicholas Berger

As a young artist, Nick spent a significant amount of time with Andrew Wyeth, even staying with his sister for a time. Wyeth's influence is evident in Nick's work, even as he branches out and experiments with new subject matter and styles.

Just weeks after their last visit, Andrew Wyeth passed away. Nick inscribed these words on the back of his latest painting titled, Andrew and Betsy:

"This painting helped me understand my feelings on his passing. This is their house and his studio. The sycamore trees are like lovers and how they grow together. Now, I am lost and free and very, very thankful."

STEVE McCURRY Stories From The Field

Many of Steve's photographs have become modern day icons- most notably his infamous image of The Afghan Girl which appeared on the cover of National Geographic in 1985.

On Saturday, April 25th, Steve will be giving a lecture on his amazing career on the road: his numerous close calls, his search for the Afghan Girl, and the many fascinating people he has met along the way. After the lecture, we will host an artist reception at our Greenwich Gallery.

RSVP by April 20th

PDF of the invitation

There is a wonderful article about the upcoming show in the April issue of American Art Collector and a profile on the artist in this month's FOCUS Magazine.

To see McCurry's available photographs on our website McCurry Photography

EDWARD MINOFF Waves: Synthesis of a Monumental Seascape

We are preparing for a very exciting solo show in May for Edward Minoff. This exhibition gives collectors a glimpse into the working process of a classically-trained artist. His ability to capture the ocean in a breathtakingly sublime manner through on-site sketches and studio work is fascinating. Minoff’s youth belies the extraordinary maturity of his paintings.

He wrote an amazing essay on his process- how a thumbnail sketch of the beach turns into a monumental work that is so grand in scope it allows the viewer to become lost in it.


His show is being profiled in the May publication of American Art Collector Magazine. If you would like a copy, we would be happy to send one to you.

To see all of Minoff's available work, visit his page on our website MINOFF PAINTINGS