Friday, August 7, 2009

Maarten Platje

It is our great privilege to present Maarten Platje's newest and most ambitious painting to date, The Council of War on Board 'De Seven Provinciƫn' 10 June 1666.

This masterpiece, which took over a year to complete, is a detailed historical reconstruction of the date's events. The work was inspired by a grisaille drawing by another famous Dutch painter, Willem van de Velde (the Elder). Van de Velde completed his drawing in 1666 but never created a full-color painting. Platje intended to "finish the job in a full blaze of colors, to complete what Van de Velde started centuries ago."

As a nod to his inspiration, Platje included Willem van de Velde in his painting-- you can see him sketching the council of war in a boat to the right of the flagship vessel. Van de Velde's sketch is part of the Rijks Museum collection in Amsterdam.

The painting is scheduled to tour prominent art museums in Europe and be entered in international maritime painting competitions during the next year.