Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012


A Century Of Urban Landscapes

May 11 - 28, 2012


Cavalier Galleries, Inc. is pleased to present a group exhibition showcasing the diverse works of 25 different artist's renderings of the cityscape. With styles ranging from impressionistic to photo-realistic, depicting cities from Paris, to Boston, to New York, this exhibition explores over 100 years of urban landscapes.

Including Works by:  
Nicholas Berger, Antoine Blanchard,  Frank Myers Boggs, Frederick Brosen,  Mike Budden, Dines Carlsen,  Debranne Cingari, Scott Duce, Mabel Dwight, Maurice Freedman, Max Ginsburg, Arthur Clifton Goodwin,  Daniel Greene, Diana Horowitz,  Marla Korr, Simon Levenson, Nina Maguire, Jan Pawlowski, Peter Sibley, John Terelak,  Frederick Waugh, Stow Wengenroth, Everett Warner, and Lori Zummo.

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