Friday, August 10, 2012

Nantucket Race Week! August 11 - 19

Louis Guarnaccia Into the Distance, Nantucket Opera House Cup
This coming week on Nantucket we welcome Nantucket Race Week!
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the cherished tradition of the Opera House Cup Regatta. The Opera House Cup Regatta was the first all-wooden, single-hulled classic boat regatta on the East Coast, and it attracts some of the finest sailboats in the country!  The Opera House Cup has also attracted some of the finest contemporary maritime painters who have expertly captured the beauty and action of this classic race.  
Louis Guarnaccia Wild Horses, Opera House Cup

Jim Wolford Fair Winds

Jim Wolford Wild Horses / Opera House Cup

And of course the Rainbow Fleet Parade, the kickoff to the Opera House Cup, is a favorite to spectators and artists alike!

Louis Guarnaccia On the Bow of a Rainbow, Rainbow Fleet Nantucket

Robert Stark Patriots Becalmed

Robert Stark Beetlecats
 Visit our Nantucket Gallery to see more of these fantastic works celebrating Nantucket Race Week!

Maarten Platje Evening Departure