Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Joel Carson Jones Wins Award at Raymar Art Competition

Cavalier Galleries is pleased to announce that one of our artists Joel Carson Jones, has received an Award from the 6th Raymar Art Competition. The painting "More Than You Can Chew" was selected as a winner out of submissions from over 3,400 artist world-wide.

Juror of Awards Comments:   

I don't think there's a better "Harnett" than this piece!!!  What a skilled technician with an outstanding, creative idea to make it 3-dimensional!  This piece is more than just "fool-the-eye", it has sophisticated color harmonies and unbelievably top notch edge work in a realistic look. I really love looking at this piece. The more I look, the more I see.  And for me, that doesn't usually happen with realistic paintings.  It's a real eye-stopper.  Congrats Joel Carson Jones for "More Than You Can Chew"! - Charles Warren Mundy

Monthly Judge's Comments (April):  Wow. Another unique and original idea of trompe l'Oeil by one of the masters of the genre, Joel Carson Jones. The three-dimensionality of the dropping gumballs is incredible and creates a depth in the work that many trompe l'Oeil paintings simply are not able to achieve. The gumball machine is a perfect way to play with primary colors cast against each other and the shade and shadow of each one is done masterfully. I also enjoy the detail of the metalwork on the faceplate and the nice use of shadows throughout the painting - Joshua Rose

 "More Than You Can Chew"
24 X 20 inches

To see more of Joel Carson Jone's work click here: www.cavaliergalleries.com