Saturday, March 15, 2014

If you liked Easter egg hunts as a kid...

You'll love this:
In April, over 200 egg sculptures will be scattered across New York City for the world’s biggest egg hunt. The Big Egg Hunt is sponsored by Fabergé, the famous jewelry house and makers of the iconic bejeweled eggs of the same name. World renowned artists, designers, and other creative types have been invited to make their own unique, 2 ½ foot tall egg. All proceeds go to the charities, The Elephant Family and Studio in a School.

Our own artist, Robert Farber, has gotten in on the fun, too. You may know Farber for his fashion photography and erotic nudes, so his egg should be very interesting! About the project, Farber said, “The two greatest creative challenges that I have experienced is to try to enhance what God has already perfected: the woman’s body and a simple egg.” Check out this great behind-the-scenes video of  the making of Robert Farber's big egg (Filmed and edited by Blake Farber).

People who enter to join the hunt can have the opportunity to win Fabergé prizes with a combined retail price of over $125,000 (we’re talking emeralds, rubies, and diamonds). As stated on official website, “Fabergé views The Big Egg Hunt as a perfect medium with which to celebrate artistry and creativity, whilst supporting two deserving charities – raising much needed funds for needy children in New York City as well as for some of the world’s most endangered animals.”

This awesome egg hunt starts April 1st, 2014 and runs till April 26th. Check out the official website for more info, and happy hunting!