Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Figurative Artists

Cavalier Galleries is pleased to introduce three distinguished new artists to our roster:
Janice Weissman, Paul McCormack, and Paul Oxborough.
New works by each of these artists will be included in our Contemporary Realism exhibition (April 7 - April 30) at Project 3W57.

Janice Urnstein Weissman (b. 1944) hails from St. Louis, Missouri. She received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and her MFA from the University of Cincinnati. Though she began painting in an Impressionist style, Weissman turned to Realism to depict her figures. She focuses on the tattoo sub-culture, which she refers to as "Living Canvases." Her body art-covered models explore what it means to have art inked on the body, and what messages they are trying to convey. She has shown in galleries and museums all over the world, and also works as a teacher at both the college and high school levels. She says, "I am the re-teller of their stories. The pain and the exhilaration of their statement compound the freedom of expression that my female models endure."
La Rogue Femme
Paul McCormack (b. 1962) is from Rahway, New Jersey, and he attended the DuCret School of the Arts in Plainfield, NJ. McCormack is known for his oil and watercolor portraits, such as Karen in Black and Karen in White. His realistic figures boast beautiful and natural skin tones, creating a luminous and enchanting effect that draws viewers into these intimate portraits. His work has been exhibited internationally, and he has taught at several schools and museums including the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, the Newark Museum, and the New Zealand Art Schools. McCormack has also been published several times in Splash Retrospective and The Artist's Magazine.
Karen in Black
Karen in White
Paul Oxborough (b. 1965) studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Atelier Lesueur, a  program rooted in the French academic tradition. He has exhibited at both the British and Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, and several other notable museums. Oxborough's masterful brushstrokes and ability to capture and play with light make his paintings truly stunning. His work ranges from portraits and interiors to outdoor figures and landscapes.
Sundown at River Bar
At La Belle Vie 
We are so excited to welcome these three artists to Cavalier Galleries, please visit our gallery at 3 West 57th Street, 4th Floor to see them in person!