Monday, April 21, 2014

Ira Barkoff at Mattatuck Museum

Ira Barkoff will be featured in an exhibition at the Mattatuck Museum in Westbury, CT!

Sphere of Influence
Ira Barkoff and the Washington Art Association
May 4 - June 9, 2014
Opening reception: Sunday May 4th, 2-4 pm.

Glowing Warm

Barkoff studied at the Arts Students League in New York, as well as the Pratt Institute. He lives and works in Connecticut while also teaching at the Washington Art Association. The show will feature Barkoff and 14 students in his class. Congrats!

You can view more of Barkoff's work here.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Exploring the Unconventional

Our new show, Exploring the Unconventional,  opened yesterday in Greenwich. This exhibition features non-traditional artworks that reflect the changing landscape of contemporary art. These pieces use technology and re-imagined conventional media to create unique works that challenge what is or what could be considered “art.”
Donald Martiny, Daniel Bruce, Bradley Hart
Hyun-Joon Yoon, Debranne Cingari

Featured artists include:
Daniel Bruce

Daniel Bruce - Bruce's work questions the nature of human materialism and our relationship with nature and technology. Campfire, Deer Head, and Make a Wish, utilize familiar forms of the outdoors and illuminates them with neon lighting.

Logan Hicks - Hicks is a New York artist that uses hand-sprayed stencils to depict the urban environment of the city, with its juxtaposing state of liveliness and decay. Take a look at this video of Hick's interview with Scion Art via Vimeo.
Installation 5: Self-Portraits - Logan Hicks Interview from Scion ART on Vimeo.

Hyun-Joon Yoon - Born in Seoul, Korea and living and working in New Jersey, Yoon is a video-sculpture installation artist. His work explores the struggle and tension between one's entity and how it fits in the external world, trying to adhere to time to and spacial order. Here's the full length video installation:

Mr. Revrac

Mr. Revrac - These multi-media assembled works are inspired by the Cyberpunk genre of Sci-Fi, exploring how our culture both loves and fears technology, how we are always wired and switched on and what impact that makes on our individual selves and where we are headed as a society.

Debranne Cingari

Debranne Cingari - Cingari incorporates objects into her photography, creating mixed-media assemblages, often     resembling cityscapes or nature.

Bradley Hart - Hart's large paintings are made with a highly technical and labor-intensive medium - bubble wrap. Hart injects the back of bubble wrap with syringes filled with acrylic. The results is two pieces - one the "injection" and the other the "impression" - the paint that drips out. Find out more about this technique from this video from The Telegraph 


Donald Martiny - Martiny's pieces are made with polymers and dispersed pigment, creating highly textural and free-formed objects that break away from the rigidity of a canvas and create a dialogue with the space around them.

Scott Duce - Known for his color-block portraits of city life, Duce is experimenting now with charcoal drawings which he transforms into hand-drawn animation videos with nature subjects.

Jim Rennert - Rennert is an established sculptor of bronze pieces, but here, he has taken his familiar form of the businessman and used drawing and photography to create animation that brings his sculpture to life.

The show runs until May 2nd.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Check out Scott Duce's 'In Public' Series

Scott Duce's ongoing series currently consists of over 250 paintings, each 12 x 12 inches in oil on panel, and are meant to be seen in groups: 

The series is based upon observation of specific and unique individuals as seen on the streets and parks throughout the city. The series isolates individual figures within a color field to explore the visual impact of a subtle moment within the complexity of our visual reality.  

By further reorganizing and deconstructing the images, placing them in a unified grid, reestablishing a visual and emotional intricacy, the series suggests the subtle and complex nature of isolated human actions in public spaces. Many of the individuals were seen directly from his studio window in New York. 

Scott created a video about the series CLICK HERE to see it!

Come by Project 3W57 to see these pieces as part of our Contemporary Realism show! See the whole series on our website, as well. Enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Save the Date for Exploring the Unconventional Opening April 17th!

April 17 - May 2, 2014 - Greenwich

Daniel Bruce Deer Head
neon/mixed media 42 1/2 x 23 1/2 x 4 inches

Thursday, April 17 
6 - 8 pm
405 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT 
Please join us for the opening of this exciting exhibition showcasing 
contemporary artists who have challenged the boundaries of fine art with their unconventional techniques and media.  

Including works by: Donald Martiny, Bradley Hart, Logan Hicks, Jim Rennert, 
Scott Duce, Daniel Bruce, Hyun-Joon Yoon & Debranne Cingari.

Logan Hicks
Rat Maze 
aerosol on canvas
24 x 18 inches
Debranne Cingari
Nurture Thyself
mixed media assemblage
13 x 13 x 5 inches
Donald Martiny
Burnt Hills
Polymers and pigment
81 x 42 1/2 inches

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Art World Recap

We'll be starting to update you regularly on the biggest news in art. Here's some from the past couple weeks:

Collections being sold
Portugal plans to sell their trove of Joan MirĂ³ paintings (via artnet)
The Delaware Museum of Art to sell their collection to pay off debt (via Smithsonian Magazine)
The Met is doing a massive spring cleaning of their pieces long in storage, but not for finance reasons (via Vanity Fair)

Renoir comes home
Stolen Renoir returned to Baltimore Museum of Art decades after theft (via Washington Post)

Good news
Nazi loot to be returned to rightful owners (via New York Times)

Stolen artwork in Italy
Italy factory worker has unknowingly owned stolen Gauguin and Bonnard paintings (via artnet)

Trouble for Detroit Institute
Creditors demand records from the DIA (via The Art Newspaper)