Thursday, April 3, 2014

Art World Recap

We'll be starting to update you regularly on the biggest news in art. Here's some from the past couple weeks:

Collections being sold
Portugal plans to sell their trove of Joan MirĂ³ paintings (via artnet)
The Delaware Museum of Art to sell their collection to pay off debt (via Smithsonian Magazine)
The Met is doing a massive spring cleaning of their pieces long in storage, but not for finance reasons (via Vanity Fair)

Renoir comes home
Stolen Renoir returned to Baltimore Museum of Art decades after theft (via Washington Post)

Good news
Nazi loot to be returned to rightful owners (via New York Times)

Stolen artwork in Italy
Italy factory worker has unknowingly owned stolen Gauguin and Bonnard paintings (via artnet)

Trouble for Detroit Institute
Creditors demand records from the DIA (via The Art Newspaper)