Thursday, April 10, 2014

Check out Scott Duce's 'In Public' Series

Scott Duce's ongoing series currently consists of over 250 paintings, each 12 x 12 inches in oil on panel, and are meant to be seen in groups: 

The series is based upon observation of specific and unique individuals as seen on the streets and parks throughout the city. The series isolates individual figures within a color field to explore the visual impact of a subtle moment within the complexity of our visual reality.  

By further reorganizing and deconstructing the images, placing them in a unified grid, reestablishing a visual and emotional intricacy, the series suggests the subtle and complex nature of isolated human actions in public spaces. Many of the individuals were seen directly from his studio window in New York. 

Scott created a video about the series CLICK HERE to see it!

Come by Project 3W57 to see these pieces as part of our Contemporary Realism show! See the whole series on our website, as well. Enjoy!