Tuesday, June 10, 2014


ICYMI: THINK BIG has arrived in Union Square!

Jim Rennert's monumental sculpture, THINK BIG, has been installed in Union Square Park in New York City where it will stay until October. Installed between 14th and 15th Streets along the east side of the park, THINK BIG will stand to motivate all.

Thanks to the NYC Parks Department and the Union Square Partnership, and to everyone who offered their help and support in getting Think Big a home for the next several months, and to those who believe in the power of art to inspire others!

Please enjoy the pictures of THINK BIG'S journey!

From the storage of Project 3W57 in the wee hours of the night...

 To Union Square!
The artist Jim Rennert

Cavalier Galleries owner Ron Cavalier with Director Lindsay Ebanks and intern Jamie Edelson

the Think Big gang
THINK BIG is truly an inspiration, and hopefully he will inspire everyone to follow their ambitions in the next few months!