Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Harry Benson's "James Brown" Photo

Get On Up, the new biopic of James Brown starring Chadwick Boseman, is out on August 1st, and we hear that famed photographer Harry Benson is making a cameo!

One of his photos, that is! This iconic photo of James Brown is reportedly the opening shot of the film:

Harry Benson, James Brown, Atlanta 1979

“In Augusta, to photograph James Brown, these pictures were taken when he suggested we go for a ride. He told me he would show me ‘his town.’ So we jumped into an old car and drove around. He would stop the car when he saw someone sitting in their yard, run up, do the split, yell out, ‘I feel good,’ and jump back in the car and drive off. It was all so spontaneous and hilarious, and it took the onlookers by such surprise. Brown was a fun-loving character and a good sport.”  (Harry Benson: Photographs, published by powerHouse Books)

This photo is on view at Project 3W57.