Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Introducing Cavalier Galleries featured WORK OF THE WEEK: Red Shoes at Holi Festival by Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry
Red Shoes at Holi Festival
Fuji Crystal Film
Available sizes: 
40 x 60 inches
30 x 40 inches
20 x 24 inches

Celebrated documentary photographer, Steve McCurry, captured this image during the Holi festival in India. Holi is an ancient Hindu spring festival celebrated at the approach of the vernal equinox on the full moon. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair ruptured relationships. Known for its vibrant colors festival participants hurl brightly colored, perfumed powders and water at one another – anyone is considered fair game regardless of gender, class or age. An exuberant riot of color takes place in streets, parks, outside temples and buildings with groups carrying drums and musical instruments.
It was in India that McCurry first learned to watch and wait on life. If you wait, he realized, people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view. In this photograph we can feel the soul of the festival and imagine ourselves stepping into these beautifully pigment cloaked shoes, stopping for a moment amid the dancing, music, and fellow revelers to consider all that has come to pass and soak up the universal human excitement for the new beginnings we are offered each spring. 
The Holi festival was celebrated on March 6th of this year and we welcome the official first day of spring on March 20th