Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WORK OF THE WEEK: The Ostrich by Bjorn Skaarup

Bjorn Skaarup
The Ostrich 
Bronze and black granite
76 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 19 1/2 inches 

In celebration of spring's warm arrival and the promise of more time spent outdoors Cavalier Galleries presents a fanciful sculpture perfect for the garden, The Ostrich, by Dutch artist and Greenwich resident Bjorn Skaarup.

In discussing his work Skaarup explains, "my animal sculptures represent a number of characters that have been given man-made and cultural tools and attributes that underline their particular traits – the dignity and supremacy of the majestic lion, the chivalrous nature of the ermine, the speed of the cheetah, the height of the giraffe, and the heavenly aspirations of the ostrich... The sculptures are a celebration of life and nature and its many intriguing shapes and creatures, all placed in peculiar and surreal encounters between nature and culture. The result is a group of bronze sculptures that combines the gracious and exclusive with the communicative, distorted and humorous."

Skaarup holds a MA in History and Art History from the University of Copenhagen, and a PHD in History from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.  Skaarup has also furthered his education with post-doctoral studies at the Warburg Institute, London and Columbia University, New York

In addition to his career as a sculptor, Skaarup has written and illustrated numerous books on historical, archaeological, and anatomical subjects.

Skaarup’s unique sculptures draw inspiration from classical mythology, late Renaissance, as well as 20th century American pop culture, while reinterpreting both classical and modern artistic themes.
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