Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WORK OF THE WEEK: White Pumpkin by Sarah Lamb

White Pumpkin
oil on linen, 17 x 24 in.

“White Pumpkin” is an exquisite classical still-life painting by artist, Sarah Lamb.  The painting is true to life in size measuring 17” x 24”.   Sarah Lamb is a talented and dynamic realist painter.  With classical skill she captures the minute details of everyday objects in her dramatic still life paintings and luminous landscapes.  She makes us love the familiar and see the beauty in the mundane.

Born is Petersburg, VA, with a passion for art and an appreciation for the past, Sarah received training at the Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy before graduating from Brenau Women’s College with a degree in Studio Art in 1993.  She continued her studies at Ecole Albert Defois in the Loire Valley with classical realist artist Ted Seth Jacobs.  In 1997 she moved to New York and spent several years studying and painting under Jacob Collins at the Water Street Atelier.  Sarah Lamb has had several successful one-woman shows in major galleries in New York, Atlanta, Houston and San Francisco. 

Sarah Lamb has been featured in magazines such as American Artist, American Art Collector and Southwest Art as one of America’s most talented young painters.  Art critic, John A. Parks, wrote that “Sarah Lamb brings to her work a robustly sensual grasp of the world.  Her keenness of eye and joyful brush make the whole enterprise feel freshly alive as she reminds us what the really wonderful things in life are”.

Additional works by Sarah Lamb will be featured in our upcoming exhibit:
American Realism - Past to Present, on view October 15 - November 30 in New York. 

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

WORK OF THE WEEK: Stand by Me by Jane DeDecker

Stand by Me
bronze, Ed. 17, 55 x 40 x 25 in.
(Pictured in our Nantucket Sculpture Garden)

“Stand by Me” is a wonderful life size bronze sculpture by Colorado artist, Jane DeDecker. DeDecker states - "Stand by Me" represents the unity of all brothers, whether brought together by blood lines or life experience. This alliance continues on - into something deeper, beyond definition. Not until later in life do we fully realize the magnitude of how much has been shared and understood in this unity. The joined arms of camaraderie show trust, and love, they carry with them bags, packed with symbols of collected knowledge as they prepare themselves for their separate journeys through life. Upon being reunited, they return with bags, seasoned with stories and wisdom captured during their adventures. The togetherness of experience forms a brotherhood for all: it is a coded word for love.  Stand by Me - I am your brother for life.

Jane DeDecker’s energetic and dynamic bronze sculptures serve as a reflection of her own life experiences and those of her closely-knit family.  Her children, nieces, and nephews are her primary source of her inspiration - though DeDecker’s sculptures are not portraits.  Her loose style leaves her viewers with room for interpretation, so as to see their own lives within her sculptures. This imprecision, combined with her unique ability to capture specific moments to which each viewer can relate on a personal level, regardless of age, gives DeDecker’s work a timeless quality that spans generations. 

DeDecker began her artistic training as a painter at the University of Northern Colorado, until a professor, noticing her joy in the portrayal of shapes and forms, suggested she try her hand at sculpture.  Taking his advice, DeDecker went on to study at Gobelins School of Tapestry in Paris, and in returning to Colorado, spent five years as master craftsman to the notable bronze sculptor George Lundeen. DeDecker has gone on to receive many awards and prizes, including; the Critics Choice Award from the Kimball Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX, Best in Show and First Place in the Affair in the Garden Exhibitions of Beverly Hills, CA and several National Sculpture Society awards, prizes and mentions. DeDecker is also a member of both the National Sculptors’ Guild (1994-Present) and the National Sculpture Society (1998-Present). 

Major installations of DeDecker’s sculptures are located at the Presidential Library in Washington, DC; the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota; Benson Park, Loveland, Colorado; American Stores, Salt Lake City, Utah; Trammell Crow, St. Louis, Missouri, the Clinton Library, Little Rock, Arkansas - among others.   Her work is also included many prestigious public collections at corporate parks, libraries, state parks, medical centers, universities and other foundations – and numerous private collections including those of; Governor Arnold Schwarzenhager, Professional Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and Musician, Michael Jackson.

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(also available in maquette size: 13 x 9 x 5 inches)

Monday, September 14, 2015

WORK OF THE WEEK: Rajasthan Stepwell by Steve McCurry

Rajasthan Stepwell
FujiFlex Crystal Archive Print
20 x 24 inches

Rajasthan Stepwell” is a captivating photograph of the historic Stepwell in India - brilliantly photographed by world renowned photographer, Steve McCurry.  This unique Fuji Crystal photograph, completely draws the viewer in – as if you were actually experiencing the Stepwell.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone familiar with Mr. McCurry’s work, his photos often take us to remote places in the world - beautiful but often forgotten places, where he finds hidden beauty in the landscape, architecture and people of his chosen location.    Stepwells, are wells or ponds in which water may be reached by descending a set of steps.  They were developed in India, mainly to cope with seasonal fluctuations in water availability.   They are often multi-storied having a bullock which may turn the water wheel (rehat) to raise the water in the well to the first or second floor.   The construction may be utilitarian, but often includes significant and intricate architectural embellishments.  Mr. McCurry’s unique and artistic perspective on the location makes it even more spectacular!

Steve McCurry attended Penn State University, where he originally planned to study cinematography and filmmaking, but ended up obtaining a degree in theater arts, graduating in 1974.  He became interested in photography while taking pictures for the Penn State newspaper, the Daily Collegian.  After working at Today's Post in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for two years, he left for India to freelance.   His career was launched when, disguised in native garb, he crossed the Pakistan border into rebel-controlled Afghanistan just before the Russian invasion. Since then McCurry has covered many areas of international and civil conflict, including the Iran-Iraq war, the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia, Beirut, Cambodia, the Philippines, the Gulf War and continuing coverage of Afghanistan.  He focuses on the human consequences of war, not only showing what war impresses on the landscape, but also on the human face – often creating stunning and colorful portraits. 

Best known for his evocative color photography, McCurry captures the essence of human struggle and joy in the finest documentary tradition.  Member of Magnum Photos since 1986, McCurry has searched and found the unforgettable. Many of his breathtaking images have become modern day icons.  His work has been featured in every major magazine in the world and frequently appears in National Geographic magazine.  His iconic photograph “Afghan Girl” which first appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine in June of 1985, still remains one of the most recognizable photographs in the world today.  Now recognized universally as one of today's finest image makers, Steve McCurry continues to win many of the world’s top photography awards. 

 A new exhibition of photographs by Steve McCurry will open in our Greenwich, CT Gallery from September 14th through October 4th.  VIEW THE EXHIBITION ONLINE.

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(available in three sizes: 20 x 24, 30 x 40, or 40 x 60 inches)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

WORK OF THE WEEK: Head First by Jim Rennert

Head First
bronze & steel
19 x 34 x 9 1/2 inches

American sculptor Jim Rennert is a modern master of contemporary realism - his work is not only masterfully executed and visually beautiful - it is also clever, and at times humorous and direct.   Though his works will always be open to interpretation - one can’t help but notice that he’s making a broader commentary on human life, rather than just appreciating the human form.   His sculptures are relatable to most of us - as they document the history of modern human existence and the challenges of working life.

Rennert states - “For the last several years my work has focused on my past experiences in the competitive world of business.  Mixing the traditional medium of bronze and contemporary forms of flat laser cut steel, I have illustrated themes and concepts of every day work life.  Initially I had hoped to have depicted popular culture's ideas on achievement and success in an ironic and humorous fashion.  However, over the past years, the work has taken on a more serious tone as I illustrate more about the thoughts and ideas we all deal with in contemporary society.  While not everyone wears a suit, I feel the themes transcend to the everyman.”

Jim Rennert grew up in Las Vegas, NV and Salt Lake City, UT and attended Brigham Young University.  After 10 years of working in business Jim started sculpting in 1990. He began exhibiting in galleries in 1993 and has since gained significant recognition.  He continually exhibits at major art fairs in Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, and throughout the US.  His work is now included in numerous private and public collections including;  the Utah Governor's Mansion, Terra Industries, GSL Electric, The Church Museum of History and Art, Milrock Office Park, Utah Arts Council, National Museum of Ski History, Overstock.com, many LDS Offices and the Granite Education Foundation.  In 2014, his monumental sculpture, THINK BIG, was exhibited in New York's Union Square Park as part of a public installation project with the NYC Parks Department.  The artist has also been featured in publications such as Sculptural Review, American Art Collector, Sculptural Pursuit Magazine, Utah Home and Gardens, The Inquirer and Mirror and South West Art Magazine.

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(also available in maquette size: 6 1/2 x 11 1/4 x 3 in.)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

WORK OF THE WEEK: Hauling the Catch by John Terelak

Hauling the Catch
oil on canvas 30 x 40 in. 

“Hauling the Catch” is an exquisite new work by John Charles Terelak, one of America’s leading Impressionist and Plein Air painters.  This masterfully painted oil captures a maritime moment in time that few people will ever experience or see.  “Hauling the Catch” is a colorful, action packed and timeless masterpiece that accurately depicts New England fisherman working just as they have for centuries - at sea.  John Telelak’s paintings have a way of transporting the viewer into the work as if they are part of the scenario or action.  Mr. Terelak’s work is historical, yet contemporary as he records his scenes as all great traditional painters do - with masterful use of light, color and atmosphere, and remarkable dexterity and technique.

John Terelak is now recognized as one of America's finest living impressionists.  Born in Boston, Massachusetts, he received formal art instruction at the Vesper George School of Fine Art. His love of paint and canvas and his thorough understanding of color theory and paint technique eventually led him to become Headmaster of the Gloucester Academy of Fine Art.  In addition to his beautiful works in oil, Terelak is also a master in watercolor and pastel and he has served as a past President of The New England Watercolor Society.

The subject matter of Terelak's paintings can be diverse but the “Terelak Touch” is unmistakable.  His intricate system of layered paint and glazing, incredible use of color and rich surface texture are all hallmarks of his paintings.  His paintings may capture the tranquility of an early spring morning in the Vermont, the beaches of Nantucket, the great harbors of New York, the hustle and bustle of Times Square or the serenity of the French countryside.

John Terelak does a considerable amount of work on location. While exercising appropriate creative license, he documents the beauty of his surroundings for posterity.  He takes time with his paintings, working and reworking them, adding layer after layer of paint, glazing the surface again and again. The result is a canvas with a rich patina, with a depth and texture that is beautiful in its own right.  The artist states “Whether I'm painting Monet's garden at three in the afternoon, or Times Square at three in the morning, the real content of my work is color and light. What I'm really doing is playing off one color against another, creating color harmonies that evoke different moods and feelings”.

John Terelak's high praise from serious art collectors is strong evidence that his paintings will be recognized as an important and permanent part of the best of American fine art created during this century.  His paintings are included in thousands of private and public collections throughout the United States including: the Andrew Mellon Foundation, Sheraton Corporation, Winthrop Financial Corporation, Prudential Insurance Company, Bank of Boston, Shawmut Bank, State Street Bank, Boston, and the Sterling-Regal Publishing Company.  His works have been included in exhibitions at The National Academy of Design, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Springfield Museum, and The Butler Museum among any others.

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