Thursday, September 3, 2015

WORK OF THE WEEK: Hauling the Catch by John Terelak

Hauling the Catch
oil on canvas 30 x 40 in. 

“Hauling the Catch” is an exquisite new work by John Charles Terelak, one of America’s leading Impressionist and Plein Air painters.  This masterfully painted oil captures a maritime moment in time that few people will ever experience or see.  “Hauling the Catch” is a colorful, action packed and timeless masterpiece that accurately depicts New England fisherman working just as they have for centuries - at sea.  John Telelak’s paintings have a way of transporting the viewer into the work as if they are part of the scenario or action.  Mr. Terelak’s work is historical, yet contemporary as he records his scenes as all great traditional painters do - with masterful use of light, color and atmosphere, and remarkable dexterity and technique.

John Terelak is now recognized as one of America's finest living impressionists.  Born in Boston, Massachusetts, he received formal art instruction at the Vesper George School of Fine Art. His love of paint and canvas and his thorough understanding of color theory and paint technique eventually led him to become Headmaster of the Gloucester Academy of Fine Art.  In addition to his beautiful works in oil, Terelak is also a master in watercolor and pastel and he has served as a past President of The New England Watercolor Society.

The subject matter of Terelak's paintings can be diverse but the “Terelak Touch” is unmistakable.  His intricate system of layered paint and glazing, incredible use of color and rich surface texture are all hallmarks of his paintings.  His paintings may capture the tranquility of an early spring morning in the Vermont, the beaches of Nantucket, the great harbors of New York, the hustle and bustle of Times Square or the serenity of the French countryside.

John Terelak does a considerable amount of work on location. While exercising appropriate creative license, he documents the beauty of his surroundings for posterity.  He takes time with his paintings, working and reworking them, adding layer after layer of paint, glazing the surface again and again. The result is a canvas with a rich patina, with a depth and texture that is beautiful in its own right.  The artist states “Whether I'm painting Monet's garden at three in the afternoon, or Times Square at three in the morning, the real content of my work is color and light. What I'm really doing is playing off one color against another, creating color harmonies that evoke different moods and feelings”.

John Terelak's high praise from serious art collectors is strong evidence that his paintings will be recognized as an important and permanent part of the best of American fine art created during this century.  His paintings are included in thousands of private and public collections throughout the United States including: the Andrew Mellon Foundation, Sheraton Corporation, Winthrop Financial Corporation, Prudential Insurance Company, Bank of Boston, Shawmut Bank, State Street Bank, Boston, and the Sterling-Regal Publishing Company.  His works have been included in exhibitions at The National Academy of Design, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Springfield Museum, and The Butler Museum among any others.

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