Tuesday, September 22, 2015

WORK OF THE WEEK: Stand by Me by Jane DeDecker

Stand by Me
bronze, Ed. 17, 55 x 40 x 25 in.
(Pictured in our Nantucket Sculpture Garden)

“Stand by Me” is a wonderful life size bronze sculpture by Colorado artist, Jane DeDecker. DeDecker states - "Stand by Me" represents the unity of all brothers, whether brought together by blood lines or life experience. This alliance continues on - into something deeper, beyond definition. Not until later in life do we fully realize the magnitude of how much has been shared and understood in this unity. The joined arms of camaraderie show trust, and love, they carry with them bags, packed with symbols of collected knowledge as they prepare themselves for their separate journeys through life. Upon being reunited, they return with bags, seasoned with stories and wisdom captured during their adventures. The togetherness of experience forms a brotherhood for all: it is a coded word for love.  Stand by Me - I am your brother for life.

Jane DeDecker’s energetic and dynamic bronze sculptures serve as a reflection of her own life experiences and those of her closely-knit family.  Her children, nieces, and nephews are her primary source of her inspiration - though DeDecker’s sculptures are not portraits.  Her loose style leaves her viewers with room for interpretation, so as to see their own lives within her sculptures. This imprecision, combined with her unique ability to capture specific moments to which each viewer can relate on a personal level, regardless of age, gives DeDecker’s work a timeless quality that spans generations. 

DeDecker began her artistic training as a painter at the University of Northern Colorado, until a professor, noticing her joy in the portrayal of shapes and forms, suggested she try her hand at sculpture.  Taking his advice, DeDecker went on to study at Gobelins School of Tapestry in Paris, and in returning to Colorado, spent five years as master craftsman to the notable bronze sculptor George Lundeen. DeDecker has gone on to receive many awards and prizes, including; the Critics Choice Award from the Kimball Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX, Best in Show and First Place in the Affair in the Garden Exhibitions of Beverly Hills, CA and several National Sculpture Society awards, prizes and mentions. DeDecker is also a member of both the National Sculptors’ Guild (1994-Present) and the National Sculpture Society (1998-Present). 

Major installations of DeDecker’s sculptures are located at the Presidential Library in Washington, DC; the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota; Benson Park, Loveland, Colorado; American Stores, Salt Lake City, Utah; Trammell Crow, St. Louis, Missouri, the Clinton Library, Little Rock, Arkansas - among others.   Her work is also included many prestigious public collections at corporate parks, libraries, state parks, medical centers, universities and other foundations – and numerous private collections including those of; Governor Arnold Schwarzenhager, Professional Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and Musician, Michael Jackson.

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(also available in maquette size: 13 x 9 x 5 inches)