Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Daily Grind - New Sculpture by Jim Rennert

Jim Rennert (American, b. 1958)
Daily Grind
bronze and steel, 14  x 29 x 10 in.
When one encounters a sculpture by Jim Rennert, it is hard not to relate his work to one’s own personal experience, or find humor in his pieces which represent the competitive nature of business and contemporary life. Rennert’s body of work stems from the concept that “business has become for many the sport of a lifetime”. His signature works portray an anonymous suited-man with unidentifiable facial features, often combined with hard lined forms of bronze and steel representing a challenge that the man must overcome. The anonymous figures accompanied by intuitive and clever titles help guide the viewer in reflecting on their own similar experiences. Rennert hopes that viewers will see his works in an optimistic and hopeful light, rather than through a disheartening lens. Rennert states, “I think people are still struggling and dealing with making a living and all of the challenges that it entails. Work is a big part of all of our lives. I find a lot of inspiration in seeing the innovation, tenacity and success that people are experiencing.”

Rennert’s, Daily Grind (2016), is the embodiment of the physical and mental struggles that people face on a daily basis in business.  In this particular piece, Rennert displays two suited-men back to back with their arms locked in a grueling physical tussle, with no end in sight to their exertion. The title of the work, Daily Grind, emphasizes the struggles with one’s self to compete and perform day after day. This work draws on Rennert’s earlier sculptures, where he incorporated the action derived from sports to parallel with themes of business.

Rennert’s work is regularly exhibited at the major art fairs throughout the US, as well as represented in galleries, and private and public collections worldwide.  In 2014-2015 Rennert was honored with a public exhibition in New York City of his monumental sculpture, THINK BIG, which was displayed in Union Square in cooperation with the NYC Parks Department.

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