Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Exquisite Nocturnal Landscape by Thomas Kegler

Thomas Kegler (American, b. 1970)
A Full Moon, James 3:17, 2016   
oil on linen, 12 x 16 in.
Thomas Kegler, born 1970, is a self-taught painter specializing in traditional American landscapes.  Kegler finds unlimited inspiration near his home in western New York, drawing upon the naturally majestic views of Niagara Falls and the Catskill Mountains, as well as coastal New England.  Using age-old painting techniques, he renders timeless landscapes that celebrate the splendor of his surroundings. This extraordinary nocturnal scene is a superb example of the artist’s ability to reveal the vibrant beauty of nature, with the full-moon emerging over the quiet creeks below. 

Thomas Kegler has been honored with the title of Associate Living Master by the prestigious Art Renewal Center, is a member of the Salmagundi Club in New York, and is a painting instructor for the Grand Central Academy in New York City, and Senior Fellow with the Hudson River Fellowship.
A Full Moon, James 3:17 is priced at $3,000
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